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A fantastic video of two hilarious English women who clean homes! We are not saying that everything they use are non-toxic, but check out how they clean the bathtub and sink which have not been cleaned in at least 10 years– goes to show you don’t have to kill yourself with chemicals to get even the most disgusting jobs done.


Cleaning? Yuck!

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We ask you to consider changing your mind around it.

Take a moment to look around your space and see all that you already have in your life, giving it a thankful stroke or two to make it shine. Take a moment to connect with pieces in your home that resonate with you, and acknowledge those things that whisper (or scream), time to move me along and let someone else enjoy me.

We can also choose to look at it as:

  • exercise (keep those arms up and incorporate squats where applicable)
  • a stress reliever (cleaning ranks high on the list of stress busting activities)
  • yoga & living meditation (get in the present moment as you inhale fully and exhale completely and mindfully stroke the surfaces of your house)
  • therapy (try it and you’ll understand)
  • feng shui (clearing away the past)
  • And you get your space clean.

It’s multi-tasking the way it was meant to be.

what bliss is made of

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George on natural products and what makes Blissful Home products so amazing. Also, Dr. Marny Turvill, founder of Evanston’s Healthy Green Goods, makes house calls for healthy living, healthy home.

happy and wise is why

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… introducing Evanston’s Greenwise Organic Lawncare… and why founder Marc Wise loves Blissful Home.

cause you can’t afford to get sick

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introducing Ronda for Arbonne International on “can’t afford not to use good products.”

being in the moment

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Hello from the founders of Blissful Home.sty

Bliss to Go: Connecting to my Bliss on the road

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One of the things that comes with having a business like ours is visiting retailers, some of whom are outside of the Chicago area.

The good news is: I love to travel. So this is a really fun part of my job! I especially love it when I get to go “home”. For me, that is Ann Arbor, MI.

I have lived in a lot of cities in the U.S. and there is just something about the “vibe” in Ann Arbor that allows me to connect with my true self. Maybe it’s the trees, the beautiful and expansive Huron river, dear friends, old and new…… There’s just something about being in Michigan that allows me to refresh, renew, and re-organize my spirit.

I am back in Chicago, in my physical home, sitting with my dog and looking out onto the beautiful park on which I live. I am feeling grateful for today and grateful for the opportunities that having a company like Blissful Home offers for me to visit wonderful people and places.

With Bliss,